How A Pre-Roll Shredder Improves Your Cannabis Joints

How A Pre-Roll Shredder Improves Your Cannabis Joints

How a pre-roll shredder improves your product – Pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes are a top seller in dispensaries everywhere. They’re quick and convenient, making it easy to pick one up on the way out of the door. It’s no wonder pre-rolls the most common cannabis product add-on during checkout.

Pre-rolled joint sales continue to trend upwards throughout most of the nation. Moreover, cannabis consumers overwhelmingly prefer pre-rolled joints made from cannabis flowers instead of shake and trim. Flowers are more flavorful and potent than the alternative, but they do require additional processing to get them ready to smoke. Specifically, flower for pre-rolls must be ground into a consistent size before packing into cones or rolling into blunts. The proper flower particulate consistency is crucial for a premium smoking experience, and achieving that consistency requires some basic machinery – specifically, cannabis grinders.

Notably, hand-held cannabis grinders work well for small quantities of cannabis flower (i.e., for personal use). However, those who produce large batches of pre-rolls should use an industrial herb grinder instead. Grinders like the Sensi Shredder can process more than one pound of cured cannabis flowers per minute, filtering particulate through interchangeable screens to ensure an even consistency every time.

Why Consumers Prefer Pre-Rolled Cannabis Cigarettes

The increase in pre-roll sales is no surprise. After all, they’re a great way for consumers to try new strains. This is especially with more dispensaries using premium cannabis flower to produce them. They are also convenient and easy to consume, making them ideal for novice or infrequent consumers and tourists. Finally, joints are a great way to consume a single serving of cannabis (half-gram joints, for example), which has become especially popular during the COVID pandemic.

How a Pre-Roll Shredder Improves Your Product

Dispensary owners and managers continually have tall orders to fill. Their customers want quality and consistency – and a lot of it! Moreover, despite an influx of unique cannabis products, most cannabis sales go toward cannabis flower and pre-rolled joints. As such, dispensary managers must ensure that they have plenty of product stocked and ready to sell.

This is just one way how a pre-roll shredder improves your product. Dispensaries can use cannabis shredders to grind only what they need for pre-rolls that day (or hour, or shift). In doing, they can keep the rest of their flower fresh and ready to sell. Joints will be fresh and plentiful, flower will be abundant, and dispensary managers can easily offer multiple strain options to their shoppers.

Moreover, pre-roll cannabis grinders help ensure an even consistency. This is especially important when packing cones because a perfect, even consistency helps cones pack easier and burn smoother. To be clear, an evenly-packed cone helps reduce “canoeing” or an uneven burn during a smoking session. Canoeing is not only annoying, but it’s wasteful, too! On the other hand, well-ground and packed cannabis joints burn smoothly and evenly for an optimal smoking experience.

Finally, a pre-roll shredder can help reduce labor costs by grinding up to a pound of cannabis flower in about a minute. On the other hand, hand-held grinders can only grind a few grams at a time and often result in an uneven product. However, with the Sensi Shredder, a budtender can grind a precise batch in minutes then spend the rest of his free time rolling.

How to Mass Produce Cannabis Cigarettes

Whether you’re a farmer or a dispensary owner, you’ll likely need to pre-roll cannabis cigarettes. Notably, users should only grind cannabis flower that is adequately cured. Doing so will improve flavor and reduce the harshness of the smoke. Moreover, cured cannabis helps protect your industrial cannabis shredder from excessive build-up so that the machine can function at its top capacity.

Grinding cannabis is one of the most time-consuming steps to mass-producing pre-rolls (aside from growing it, of course) unless you’re equipped with the proper tools. After grinding the flower into a medium-fine consistency, simply pack the desired amount into pre-rolled cones or, for small-scale production, roll by hand or a cigarette machine.

Closing Thoughts on Our Pre-Roll Shredder

A pre-roll shredder is an excellent investment, whether for mass production or simply restocking the shelves. We promise: cannabis professionals will immediately reap the benefits of a quality industrial cannabis grinder.

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