Thank you for considering a Sensi Shredder purchase!

Over several years of R&D we have honed this machine into a heavy-duty precision instrument. Thick stainless steel and aluminum combined with hardened blades and an all copper motor running at optimal power and rotation makes easy work for properly cured cannabis and stems.

1-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

As a small startup of entrepreneurs who would rather be inventing new gadgets as opposed to dealing with customer service and warranty claims, we decided to hold off releasing this product until we were confident that it was simple and durable enough for commercial processors and industrial farmers. As such, we are happy to replace or repair any defects on all packages and accessories for one year, at no charge to you except for any applicable shipping expenses that you choose.

This 1-year manufacturer warranty is limited, only to the instances where gouges are present due to scraping or rocks and other debris passing through the system, and where cleaning was totally disregarded. Always make sure industrial hemp harvest is free from rocks and metal, never use a hard instrument to scrape away residue, and always make sure to clean your tools. A 5-minute soak in Dawn and a soft bristled brush will wipe away the stickiest buildup.

3-Year Extended Manufacturer Warranty +$299

Same as the 1-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty + 2 Years.

5-Year Pro Warranty +$499

Same as the 3-Year Extended Manufacturer Warranty except that we will have a replacement part(s) in the mail ASAP with no questions asked except what courier option you want to purchase.

Regarding all Warranties

Defective part(s) may be required to be mailed back to our nearest US distribution center to validate the warranty of any replacement part(s) that were sent or may be sent.

All shipping charges incurred are at the expense of the customer and will be collected prior to any replacement shipments being made.

Any replacement(s) reset the original 1-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty on the part(s) that were replaced and a prorated offer to extend the replacement part(s) will be made if it was part of an extended warranty purchase on a package.

We will do our best to meet any reasonable request and reserve the right to void all warranties upon reason.

Questions, support or claims can be initiated through email to Support@SensiShredder.com.