Sensi Shredder IND FAQ

What is the Sensi Shredder IND?

The Sensi Shredder IND is an industrial version of the world’s first commercial cannabis shredder — The Sensi Shredder PRO — created by cannabis operators to efficiently shred large volumes of flower for pre-rolls and extracts, to reduce the volume for transport, or to preserve material for storage.

Who is the Sensi Shredder IND built for?

The Sensi Shredder IND is designed for the largest cannabis processors, who need to efficiently shred hundreds to thousands of pounds at a time. Not quite there yet? Check out the Sensi Shredder PRO and shred a pound a minute!

What kind of material can I shred with my Sensi Shredder IND?

The Sensi Shredder IND is designed to process dried & cured cannabis buds (and stems) without stalks. We always recommend running your cannabis through a Sensi Bucker IND before shredding.

How do I operate my Sensi Shredder IND?

Operating the Sensi Shredder IND is easy! Load with a conveyor and shred continuously, or toss in a 5-gallon bucket of nugs at a time! 

How much cannabis can my Sensi Shredder IND shred at once?

The Sensi Shredder IND can shred up to 10 pounds flower a minute when fed continuously!

Is the Sensi Shredder IND for cannabis waste management?

No, the Sensi Shredder IND is designed to shred cured cannabis, not stalks or wet plant material. 

Do I need a special outlet for the Sensi Shredder IND?

The Sensi Shredder IND comes in 240v single or three-phase power options. 

How do I clean my Sensi Shredder IND? 

You can clean your Sensi Shredder IND with regular dish soap and water! 

Simply remove the blade and screen from the motor, pre-soak in an alcohol bath, or hot water with dish-safe detergent, then use a high pressure water nozzle or a soft scrub brush to remove any remaining plant matter. 

Residual tackiness can be wiped off with isopropyl alcohol.

Does the Sensi Shredder IND come with a warranty?

Every Sensi Shredder IND comes with a 1 year warranty on parts and workmanship.

Do you sell replacement parts for the Sensi Shredder IND?

Your Sensi Shredder IND is built to last. Please contact us if any part of your Sensi Shredder IND breaks or wears out. 

Do you accept returns?


What kind of support or customer service is available for the Sensi Shredder IND?

We stand behind our products! You can call us at +1 (888) 55-SENSI or +1 (888-557-3674) email us at, or click here to contact us.