Sensi Shredder PRO FAQ

What is the Sensi Shredder PRO?

The Sensi Shredder PRO is the world’s first commercial cannabis shredder — created by cannabis professionals to safely turn large volumes of dried, cured cannabis flower into an even particulate for pre-rolls and extracts.

Why is the Sensi Shredder PRO special?

The Sensi Shredder PRO takes your pre-roll or extracts to the next level of quality by increasing the surface area and helps you streamline your process by standardizing your starter material. Properly ground cannabis results in stronger extracts and better pre-rolls.

What kind of material can I shred with my Sensi Shredder PRO?

The Sensi Shredder PRO is designed to process dried & cured cannabis buds without stems. We recommend running your cannabis through a Sensi Bucker PRO Attachment before shredding.

How much cannabis can my Sensi Shredder PRO shred at once?

The Sensi Shredder PRO can handle 1-2 pounds of dried, cured, bucked cannabis flower per minute.

What safety features does the Sensi Shredder PRO include?

The Sensi Shredder PRO includes a waterproof power switch, automatic thermal shutoff, and a secondary fuse.

Is the Sensi Shredder PRO for cannabis waste management?

No, the Sensi Shredder PRO is designed to shred cured, dried, bucked cannabis. 

How do I operate my Sensi Shredder PRO?

Operating the Sensi Shredder PRO is easy! Load your cannabis into the shredder one scoop at a time, just as fast as it fill the 6-quart container, or run continuously using the barrel chute. You can place some material on the hopper pan while waiting for loading.

Do I need a special outlet for the Sensi Shredder PRO?

The Sensi Shredder PRO runs off a regular grounded outlet at 110v/60hz. 

How do I clean my Sensi Shredder PRO?

You can clean your Sensi Shredder PRO with regular dish soap and water! Simply soak the part for 5 minutes and scrub with a soft bristle brush! If needed, you can touch it up with isopropyl alcohol.

Does the Sensi Shredder PRO come with a warranty?

Every Sensi Shredder PRO comes with a 1 year warranty on parts and workmanship. We also offer a 5 year extended warranty

Do you sell spare parts for the Sensi Shredder PRO?

We do! You can find accessories and spare parts in our shop by clicking here. Please contact us for suppport. 

What kind of support or customer service is available for the Sensi Shredder PRO?

We stand behind our products, and your Sensi Shredder PRO is built to last. You can call us at (888) 55-SENSI ( (888) 557-3674 ), email us at, or click here to contact us.