Sensi Tools - Creator of the World's First Commercial Cannabis Shredder!

Crushin' kilos of cannabis? Shred 100+ pounds per day with ease — use a Sensi Shredder PRO!  


Pushin' pallets of purp? Easily shred 1000+ pounds per day — use a Sensi Shredder IND!

Hundreds of cannabis professionals have made the Sensi Shredder their go-to grinder!

"I was using a futorola product and it caused so much damage to our product. I am now using the sensi shredder and it is amazing. It produces a consistent particulate size without turning the product to dust and damaging the product. The machine is fast and easy to clean. Highly recommend this to everyone!"

- Joel Smith

"Amazing grinder and fantastic customer service. It comes with different screens catered to whatever product you are trying to make. The grind is extremely consistent. And if you ever need assistance the customer service is absolutely amazing. Throughout the years the customer service has been extremely reliable."

- Jacob Rayburn

"This is the best commercial grinder that I have ever used. The grind size is perfect for an even burn on pre rolls. Also the clean up is super quick and easy. Their customer service is top notch."

- Ryan Sullivan

How much shredding power do you need?

Shredding 10-100 lbs per day? 

Sensi Shredder Pro is just the ticket.

Pushing 1000's of lbs per day? Sensi Shredder IND was built to keep up.

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