Industrial Grinder

Sensi Shredder IND

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Sensi Shredder Industrial Package was developed by Cannabis Professionals for the Cannabis & Hemp industries. The Sensi Shredder Industrial Package is designed for 1,000+ lbs of cured bud throughput.

Our patent pending attachment parts are manufactured in our Colorado Springs facility. Motors are sourced from a trusted supplier to ensure that every unit is precision engineered and built to last.

Throughput: 100lbs per 5-10 minutes 


Stainless steel case housing an all copper core with a thermal safety shutoff and waterproof power switch. This quality motor provides the high torque and low RPM’s required to grind dense nugs.

220v Single Phase or Three Phase | 4hp Motor | 220 RPM


Screen Size

1/4" and 1/8"

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