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Elevate your weed preparation process with the Sensi Bucker PRO Package, expertly crafted for the efficient processing of weed. This package features a high-torque, low-RPM motor, uniquely suited to handle the specific needs of weed bucking. The perfect companion for your Sensi Shredder PRO!

Motor Details

  • Durable Build: The motor is housed in a stainless steel case, featuring an all-copper core, ensuring robustness and long-term reliability.
  • Safety Oriented: It includes a thermal safety shutoff and a waterproof power switch, combining performance with safety.
  • Optimized for Bucker Use: Providing high torque at a lower speed of 250 RPM, the motor is designed to delicately handle dense weed nugs without damaging them.
  • Specifications: 1 Horsepower, 110V Single Phase, 60hz, perfect for industrial-scale weed bucking.

The Role of a Weed Bucker

  • Essential for Weed Processing: After harvesting, weed needs to be separated from the stems. This process, known as bucking, is critical for preparing the plant for further use.
  • Labor-Saving: Hand-bucking even a single plant can be labor-intensive. For larger operations, like legal hemp or marijuana cultivation, a powerful tool like the Sensi Bucker PRO becomes indispensable for efficiency!

The Sensi Bucker PRO Advantage:

  • Designed for Whole Plants: This bucker is robust enough to take down entire branches, streamlining the process of stripping buds from stems.
  • Efficient and Fast: With its ability to quickly and gently remove buds from the stems, the Sensi Bucker PRO significantly speeds up the preparation phase, ensuring you can process large quantities of weed efficiently.
  • Ideal for Scaling Operations: As your legal weed or hemp growing operation grows, the Sensi Bucker PRO scales with you, providing the necessary power to handle increased volumes!