Commercial Cannabis Shredder: Got the Right One?

Commercial Cannabis Shredder: Got the Right One?

Size isn’t everything, but sometimes bigger is better!

Once a small operation, your canna-biz has blown up, and now you’re ready to start pushin’ pounds of pre-rolls and making excellent extracts. A few pounds of flower a day quickly busted that old hand grinder, and you’re thinking it might be time for the next big thing — a commercial cannabis grinder!

Here are 3 things to keep in mind when shopping for a commercial cannabis shredder.

Size of the Unit

Your business might be growing exponentially, but that production space sure isn’t! You don’t have a ton of square footage to spare, but you need the best grinder you can fit inside that space. When you’re looking for a commercial cannabis grinder, keep the size in mind. Some models take up a considerable amount of space, and others can fit on a tabletop.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

If there’s one universal truth, it’s that there aren’t enough hours in the day. You’re a busy cannabis connoisseur with purp to prepare! You hardly have time to use a commercial cannabis grinder, let alone hours to spend cleaning! That means you need a grinder that’s easy to clean, and even easier to use.


How much ganja can the ganja grinder grind when it’s time to grind the ganja? It’s important to make sure the size of your commercial cannabis grinder matches the size of your operation. We all want to aim high and elevate our operations, but when it comes to chopping your cannabis, you want a machine that’s not too large or small for the amount of herb you’re gonna be pushing through it..

Our Recommendation

You can’t beat the consistency and reliability of a Sensi Shredder PRO for a few hundred pounds, or Sensi Shredder IND for thousands of pounds per day. The PRO’s three screen sizes (S,M,L) make it easy to get the perfect particulate, and the stainless steel blades gently chop your cannabis to give you a great grind, every time. Sensi Shredder PRO is always ready when you need it and hides away easily when you don’t. It fits on a tabletop and uses a standard 110v outlet, so you don’t need any extra equipment or adapters (but a barrel chute would be nice to have!)

P.S. Serious about your canna-biz? You’ll want a Sensi Bucker to go with that shredder! Sensi Bucker is the best way to quickly remove stems and improve your pre-roll or extract quality!