Get a Consistent Grind, Every Time

Get a Consistent Grind, Every Time

Weed pros like you and I understand the grind — literally! Most of our dispensary customers could never imagine the amount of work it takes to turn sticky nugs into finished products like shatter, pre-rolls, and other cannabis products. And if we're being honest, a huge portion of that work is the preparation! Harvesting, curing, bucking, and shredding account for most of the time spent creating a cannabis product, but that is about to change!

Feed the Cannabis Grinder Machine!

The weed biz is an unstoppable machine that must be fed at all costs. But that cost doesn't have to be high! In fact, the highest part of your operation should be you! Jokes aside, shredding your weed properly with a cannabis grinder machine shouldn't mean sacrificing your terpenes, flavor, and the potency of your weed! What am I talking about? Well...

Quit Killin' Your Kush!

There are two big players in the cannabis grinder machine industry. First, there's the professional's choice: a real powerhouse that regularly gets voted best commercial cannabis grinder in the world, costs less, and shreds better

Then there's the "never-choose" choice: slapping your sinsemilla with weed-whacker whips! I won't call anyone out specifically, but you know the kind I'm talking about. These "shredders" aren't really shredding your bud, they're blasting it to pieces with total disregard for your end product! I probably don't have to tell you, but taking a high-RPM weed whacker to your bud is straight-up killing your kush! Plus, nylon whips hardly count as an industrial hemp grinder!

World's Best Industrial Hemp Shredder?

And that's why the cannabis professionals behind the Sensi Shredder PRO created it with a high-torque, low-RPM motor that maintains an even, steady pace. Nothing stops this machine, and with food-grade stainless steel blades, it chews through the stickiest buds without burning a single trichome! Though it shreds gently, it can spit out perfect particulate just as fast as you put it in! With three screen sizes, you get ultimate control over your end product to make the best extracts & pre-rolls the world has ever seen!

Stop sacrificing your quality QP's and get a Sensi Shredder PRO today!