Hemp Farmers Unite: Shred Your Competition!

Hemp Farmers Unite: Shred Your Competition!

Got a humongous hemp harvest? Here’s what to do!

Gone are the days of endless manual labor and subpar hemp products! Investing in an industrial hemp shredder is the ultimate game-changer for all hemp farmers. With hemp harvests raking in almost a billion dollars nationally in 2021, your operation has some serious growth potential! And the more you manage your processing and storage, the easier it’ll be to grab a piece of the profit pie!

Manual separation of flower from stem is a never-ending game, and an industrial hemp shredder is like having cheat codes! Shredding the plant material into smaller bits not only makes the process faster but also improves the quality of the final product, and your commercial cannabis shredder is like a superhero in disguise, ready to save the day (and your precious time) from the fibrous enemy that is the hemp stem.

That’s right — using an industrial hemp shredder isn’t just efficient, it's also potent! The finer the consistency of the shredded flower, the more surface area exposed to solvents during extraction, leading to a more potent extract.

An industrial hemp shredder can also help you save money in the long run. Shredding the plant material into a more manageable size reduces the need for manual labor and warehouse space, increasing profits and landing a better return on your investment. And you don’t have to take our word for it, either! Our friends at Glennie Farms used a Sensi Shredder IND to make their hemp harvest 86% smaller, reducing a whopping 100 super-sack harvest down to only 14 bags!

When you need to grind serious amounts of sensimilla, a Sensi Shredder IND is the only choice! The Sensi Shredder IND is capable of processing your entire harvest at up to 750 lbs every hour. With three screen sizes that give you a consistent, fluffy grind every time, the Sensi Shredder IND is a must-have for any large farm! Click here and get free shipping now!