How to Roll a Joint

How to Roll a Joint

You can’t be a bonafide cannaisseur if you don’t know how to roll a joint! Don’t worry though, we rounded up the most seasoned stoners here at Sensi Shredder PRO and asked them to give you a quick-hit joint rolling tutorial so you can twist them up tight! Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

How to Roll The “Washington Special” Joint

George Washington’s probably rolling this one in his grave! Also known as the “Dollar Bill Method,” this joint-rolling technique results in a pencil-thickness joint with even consistency, a good smoke, and few runs. If you don’t know the secret, the Washington Special looks like weed wizardry!

To roll a Washington Special…

  1. Use a grinder to break up your bud and get an even consistency. Lumps are no good!
  2. Hold a dollar bill vertically and fold it so the short side is facing you.
  3. Make a small curve in the bill, and put your paper in it with the glue strip facing you.
  4. Put your pinch of bud into the paper and fold the bill in half.
  5. Gently roll and apply pressure to turn the bud into a cylinder.
  6. Collect the bits that fell out and put them back in. Repeat step 5.
  7. Fold down the dollar bill so you can see the paper.
  8. Tuck and roll the paper over the bud, lick and stick!

Pro Tip: Roll up a piece of cardstock for a crutch to give yourself something to hold on too!

Rolling Joints The “Old Fashioned” Way

Known and loved since the prehistoric era (probably) this is your classic joint. When rolled by an old stoner, they’re impeccable. If you’re an OG stoner who’s been flipping lids of Maui Wowie since the 70’s, chances are your Old Fashioned joints are always on point. For those of us who aren’t as experienced, here’s how to avoid a clumpy, harsh, runny hand-roll!

To roll an Old Fashioned Joint…

  1. Break up your bud with your fingers or a grinder.
  2. Take the paper in your left hand with the sticky part facing you.
  3. Put a pinch of bud in the paper and start squeezing/rolling it into a cylinder with the paper.
  4. Pack a little extra in the ends and roll it down.
  5. Tuck and roll until only the glue strip is sticking out.
  6. Lick the strip and stick it down.

Pro Tip: After the lick and stick, use your lighter to “dry out” the joint so it smokes better!

The “Cone-preneur”

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