How To Use Your Sensi Shredder PRO

How To Use Your Sensi Shredder PRO

Using a Sensi Shredder PRO is so easy, anyone can do it. Whether you’re already a pro shredder or you just need another reason to buy a Sensi Shredder PRO, this one's for you! 

Who Needs a Sensi Shredder PRO?

To sum it up — if shredding weed is in your job description, you should consider getting a pro shredding companion like the Sensi Shredder PRO. Extraction technicians, marijuana-infused product manufacturers, and dispensary managers all need to grind enough flower to meet their high demand. If this sounds like you, you're in the club!

Not to mention, the shredding's gotta be done with precision. Fast-spinning nylon whips and stealthy blenders won't cut it here. You're looking for an an even, consistent grind you can count on. Without that consistent grind, your cannabinoids are going to waste!

Using an industrial cannabis shredder saves time, reduces labor costs, and most importantly, ensures a consistent shredded product every time. The Sensi Shredder uses a standard outlet, fits on a tabletop, and shreds a pound of cured cannabis flower every minute! This lets you shred only what you need and keep the rest fresh for later!

How to Use Your Sensi Shredder PRO

  1. Remove all large stems from your cured cannabis flower and load it onto the hopper pan at the top of your Sensi Shredder PRO. We suggest using only dried, cured cannabis because though it's incredibly sticky, it's ready to extract or pre-roll right after shredding. 
  2. Slide your nugs into the top opening, only as fast as they'll go through. Inside the Sensi Shredder PRO, food-grade stainless steel blades rotate at a low RPM to help protect the fragile trichomes, while a high-torque motor ensures a smooth slice through every bud. 
  3. Your Perfect Particulate will fall through the screen directly into a durable holding container.

The Sensi Shredder is proud to be the best cannabis grinder on the market. With proper operation and maintenance, this small investment will pay for itself quickly, lasting through a lifetime of heavy use.

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