How To Use the Sensi Shredder

How To Use the Sensi Shredder

How to use the Sensi Shredder – Whether you’ve recently purchased the Sensi cannabis shredder or still considering it, it’s vital to understand exactly how to use our machines. Proper use and maintenance will help ensure that your grinder remains in top condition for many years to come. Notably, all of our products include a 1-year limited parts warranty (with optional upgrades), though, with proper maintenance, you’ll likely never need it.

Today, we’ll discuss how to use the Sensi Shredder, including maintenance and cleaning tips to ensure its longevity.

But first…

Why Use a Cannabis Shredder?

Cannabis consumption, regardless of form, requires that the herb be ground first. Extraction technicians, marijuana-infused product manufacturers, and dispensary managers all share the same need: grind enough cannabis flower to meet the high demand for their products. Without an even grind, cannabinoid extraction would not be as thorough, product infusions would not be as potent, and pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes would not smoke as smooth.

By using an industrial cannabis shredder, manufacturers can save time, improve labor, and ensure a consistent product every time. A compact industrial shredder can process pounds of cured cannabis flower in just a few minutes, allowing users to grind only what they need to maintain freshness (and a healthy supply of dank buds when necessary). For example, a dispensary can grind a pound at a time to produce pre-rolls on the fly, while a major extraction company or MIP manager can process multiple pounds in a sitting to process or store for later use. Moreover, farmers can use an industrial shredder to process their harvests to conserve storage space.

How to Use the Sensi Shredder

It is best to cure cannabis flower before loading it into the Sensi Shredder. That’s because cured cannabis, though incredibly sticky, is much easier to shred and then clean from the blades. After curing, remove all large stems, then load the buds into the hopper through the hopper pan on top. The cutlery-quality stainless steel blades rotate at a low RPM to help protect the fragile trichomes, while its high-torque, all-copper motor ensures a smooth slice to every bud. Particulate will fall through a perfectly sized mesh screen into a durable holding container.

This special design, including hardened and polished blades in a stainless steel housing, can process pounds of cannabis flower in minutes without waste. When finished, simply disassemble the machine and wipe clean or let it soak in water and a mild dish detergent.

Maintaining an Industrial Herb Grinder

With proper maintenance, an industrial herb grinder can last a lifetime. Fortunately, the Sensi Shredder is incredibly easy to take care of, thanks to its easy disassembly and self-lubricating bearings. As such, it is wise to avoid loading rocks, metal, or other debris through the hopper. Users should also never use hard objects to scrape the hopper sides, relying only on towels and soft-bristle brushes to clean its crevices.

Final Thoughts on How to Use the Sensi Shredder

The Sensi Shredder is proud to be the best cannabis grinder on the market. With proper operation and maintenance, this small investment will pay for itself quickly, lasting through a lifetime of heavy use.

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