Why Size Matters for Industrial Cannabis Shredders

Why Size Matters for Industrial Cannabis Shredders

We don’t like to get too “scientific” in the ganja grinding business, so let’s break down exactly what we mean by particulate size and find out why it matters for you as a commercial marijuana grinder. Your industrial cannabis shredder should have a way to control particulate size, so you can easily follow along! 

What are you really doing when you’re breaking down bales of buds? At the end of the day, you’re just turning those giant, sticky nugs into smaller particles more suitable for  better extractions and pre-rolls. When we refer to “particulate size,” what we really mean is the size of your grind!

Size Does Matter! But Why?

There are different reasons for different products.

If you’re aiming for excellent extracts, you can’t toss a whole plant in the machine. For the tastiest, terpiest, highest-THC extracts, you need an even surface area and a perfect pull. Any variation in your grind could mean an uneven extraction, leading to money left in the vessel!

Even pre-rolls won’t let you get by with a choppy grind! Too fine the smoke gets choked and too chunky you end up with a canoe. For a perfect pre-roll experience, you need a consistent grind that allows for even air flow for tasty tokes.

Set Your Shredder to "Perfect" 

Does your industrial cannabis shredder let you control the size of your end result? If the answer is "no," you've got a problem on your hands! Why spend so much time sourcing the sweetest sensi in the land, only to toss it into a nylon-whipped marijuana mangler and hope for the best in the end? Not at Sensi Tools! 

How to Get the Right Grind, Every Time!

When you’re looking at grinding loads of lemon kush, you just can’t mess around with scissors, blenders, and weed wackers. We’ve been right there with you sitting in a warehouse, surrounded by marijuana, grinding the day away, thinking “there’s got to be a better way!”

That’s why we designed the Sensi Shredder PRO industrial cannabis grinder with a 1hp, all copper core motor and blades that spin low and slow, gently chopping your cannabis without knocking the trichomes into tomorrow. Three sizes (S/M/L) of food-safe stainless steel screens perfectly sift your sensi, giving you the ultimate control over your particulate while retaining maximum terpenes, taste, and THC!

You heard it here first: Particulate size matters!