Lighting Up the Dark World of Cannabis Conspiracies

Lighting Up the Dark World of Cannabis Conspiracies

Like Tommy Chong said… “You better put your seatbelt on, man!”

It's no secret that the world of cannabis can be a bit mysterious at times. With so many myths and misconceptions surrounding the plant, it's no wonder that conspiracy theories have popped up left and right. Sit back, relax, and light up your favorite strain, because we’re taking a look at some of the most intriguing cannabis conspiracy theories out there!

From Big Nylon to odd science, this sesh is for stories that might make you raise a brow or two. And we’ll raise a joint to that!

Big Pharma's Joint Venture

The first theory we’ve heard is that the pharmaceutical industry is suppressing research on the potential benefits of cannabis. Some say they're afraid that if the world discovers the full extent of marijuana's medicinal properties, it could replace many prescription drugs and shred their profits.

Big Tobacco's High Hopes or False Dreams?

One of the most interesting conspiracy theories surrounding the cannabis industry is the idea that the tobacco industry is funding and controlling some of the marijuana legalization movements. According to the theory, the tobacco industry sees the legalization of cannabis as a way to diversify its product portfolio and increase profits.

The Drunker Side of The Story

Another theory surrounding the cannabis industry is that the alcohol industry is trying to halt the legalization of marijuana. According to this theory, the alcohol industry is afraid that the legalization of cannabis will grind into their profits, as people may choose to consume marijuana instead of alcohol.

Does Big Nylon Plan to Keep Marijuana Illegal?

Are the manufacturers of synthetic materials like Nylon are working to keep marijuana illegal? According to this theory, these industries are afraid that if cannabis becomes legal, it could replace their synthetic materials with natural fibers that grow like weeds. The idea is that if marijuana — and subsequently, hemp products like hemp fiber — were to become widely used, there would be less demand for synthetic materials like Nylon.

So, are they trying to keep the herb under wraps?

Steady Grindin’

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