Rolling Loud? Here’s Why Good Weed Smells so Bad!

Rolling Loud? Here’s Why Good Weed Smells so Bad!

Scientists have finally sniffed out the secret behind the Sensi Stank!

It’s a common TV trope, seen in the likes of “That 70’s Show” and almost every stoner movie ever made. If you’re into weed (or you spend a lot of time grinding weed) you’ve probably grown accustomed to the smell, and maybe you even enjoy it — I know we do here at Sensi Tools!

But why does ganja smell at all? Why do some strains have a stronger smell than others? And what makes certain strains smell the way they do? Like herbs, citrus, or skunk? Well, it all comes down to some really powerful molecules! And the answer isn't terpenes! Although, here's a look at why keeping terpenes is important

Over 200 aroma compounds have been found in cannabis, giving it that distinct flavor and smell, but scientists wanted to find out what causes that deep, funky, gassy scent that some strains have.

Through a series of experiments, they figured out that some strains have a higher concentration of something called Volatile Sulfur Compounds (or VSC’s.) These compounds are very potent, and the human nose can detect them in concentrations as small as one part per billion. That means there could be as few as one VSC molecule in a mixture of a billion other molecules and you’d still smell it! 

VSC’s aren’t exclusive to loud weed, either. They’re found in all kinds of plants and animals, from garlic, to hops, to skunks. That means every time your mom said your room smelled like a skunk, she wasn’t exaggerating! But why are these compounds even important?

It’s not the strength of the nug, it’s the big picture that counts. The combined effects of all the molecules in marijuana give it the medicinal and recreational benefits we all know and love.

Destroying these delicate structures can (and will) ruin your product!

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