It didn’t take breaking too many blenders and hand grinders to realize there had to be a better way. Add enough RPM’s and any blender could blast the buds to bits, one pitcher at a time, but dust doesn’t make good joints and the terpenes were lost in process. The Cookies are what did it, dense little nugs took down one after another…

As PEAK Dispensary picked up, we were selling prerolls faster than we could make them. 100’s a day were moving off the shelf and the more variety we had, the more we sold. The shake at the bottom of the jar wasn’t keeping pace and the lb’s were stacking up as a small army busted their hands with the slap chop to get the right particulate for a premium toke.

Like any another product, you get out what you put in, and its always been our policy to only sell what we consume. Getting the sticky icky through didn’t scale, but the stuff that did we didn’t want. Too fine and a King Size cone looks like the Jester, while too course material doesn’t fill the tip and you get a Limper. With Reg’s requiring each joint to be the same weight or marked as-is, it felt like we could smoke them faster than we could make them…but that was probably because we did :-)

The Sensi Shredder was invented out necessity and crafted with the highest quality parts to withstand commercial production requirements and the natural attributes that make cannabis difficult to process. Having ran 1000’s of pounds of all shapes, densities and humidity, we settled on a low RPM and high torque all copper motor combined with 6061 aluminum, 304 stainless steel and “CRUCIBLE CPM® S35VN™” steel blades polished to a mirror image, with 3 screen sizes to control particulate size, that can process 1lb a minute for a long as your bucket is big.

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