Tell Those Stems to Buck Off!

Tell Those Stems to Buck Off!

We don’t want that KIND around here

Stems can account for half the weight of your dried cannabis, and they contain almost no cannabinoids. When you’re aiming for fire extracts, stems just take up space, and including them in your extraction process can dilute the overall potency of your end product. So how do you get the off? With a bucker, of course! But what is a bucker, and how do you use a cannabis bucker to improve your profit?

What is A Bucker?

A weed bucker or cannabis bucker is a machine designed to remove the biggest stems from your crop. Fresh from harvest, weed is moist and attached to the main stem, which is not ideal for pro shredding and turning into high-profit products like extracts. Cannabis must be dried, cured, and bucked before it can be processed further. Most cannabis processors use a combo bucker and shredder to get the job done.

Why Use a Bucker?

Stems contain almost zero cannabinoids, but they’re loaded fats and lipids that have unwanted flavors and aromas that can come through in your extract, so removing the stems before grinding your ganja in a commercial cannabis shredder will give you the flavor people want.

To top it all off, cannabis stems are tough and woody, making them difficult to grind. If you try to grind the stems along with the rest of the cannabis material, you may end up with a less uniform and less finely ground product. Bucking them before grinding helps you get a more consistent and fine grind, which is especially important when it comes to getting those last few percentage points of potency

What's the Best Cannabis Bucker?

Sensi Bucker PRO effortlessly bucks buckets of bud, instantly elevating your extract or pre-roll game! With a powerful 1hp motor and adjustable ¼ to ½ inch holes, you can buck entire branches to a consistent size and toss them in your grinder for the greatest ganja grind on the go!